My first orthodontic consultation

I receive dental monitoring and advice right from my first session in my practice in Prilly.

I need advice on my brace

The orthodontic practice in Prilly answers all my questions.

A professional team

The practice team welcomes me and provides me with the best orthodontic treatment.

Recommendations and advice

Information on braces

I can find here all the tips and best practices for the proper use and maintenance of my brace.  

Prilly Orthodontic Practice: Dr Christoph Büchler + Dr Diane Juvet


Emergency tips: what to do if ...?

A ring or bracket comes off

  • I phone to inform the practice even if I have an appointment scheduled soon.
  • If the ring bothers me, I put wax on it. I can also try to remove it myself. I keep the ring and I bring it to the office at the time of my appointment.

A wire projects out too far

  • I phone to make an appointment.
  • If I cannot come along soon, I put wax on it or I cut the wire. I am careful not to swallow the little bit that I have removed.

Traction comes loose during the night

  • I call the practice. I can increase the force by a notch. Warning: I do not increase the force by more than one notch.

I have lost a separating elastic band

  • If an elastic band falls off shortly before my appointment (1-3 days), I leave it.
  • If it falls off more than 3 days before my appointment, I call the practice to fit a new elastic band.

The transpalatal arch has come loose 

  • I make an appointment at the practice.
  • If it bothers me too much, I contact the out-of-hours doctors service.

My gums are swollen or infected

  • If the inflammation is moderate: I brush my teeth well and rinse with a disinfecting solution which can be bought in pharmacies.
  • If the inflammation is serious with fever and/or considerable pain, I quickly contact the practice or the out-of-hours doctors service.

Number of out-of-hours doctors service centre: 0848 133 133