My first orthodontic consultation

I receive dental monitoring and advice right from my first session in my practice in Prilly.

I need advice on my brace

The orthodontic practice in Prilly answers all my questions.

A professional team

The practice team welcomes me and provides me with the best orthodontic treatment.

My first consultation

My first orthodontic consultation

The first contact is used to get to know you and also to establish a relationship of trust between us. During this first session, you will be informed about the main issues, the different orthodontic treatment options, the approximate cost, and the ideal time to start the treatment.

Depending on the duration, the first consultation costs between CHF 80.20 and CHF 104.60

First consultation - my orthodontic practice in Prilly

If orthodontic treatment is envisaged, we will arrange another appointment to compile the orthodontic documentation. This involves taking x-rays, photographs and dental impressions and a check of brushing, in order to establish a specific treatment plan. This plan will then be discussed at a later meeting and will be accompanied by a written estimate.

Practice rates

We apply CHF 1.00 for private patients (DENTOTAR)

The point value is set by the Swiss Dental Association and can increase to a maximum of CHF 1.70

→ Download an abridged version of the practice rates.