My first orthodontic consultation

I receive dental monitoring and advice right from my first session in my practice in Prilly.

I need advice on my brace

The orthodontic practice in Prilly answers all my questions.

A professional team

The practice team welcomes me and provides me with the best orthodontic treatment.


Cabinet d'orthodontie - Dr Christoph Büchler et Dr Diane Juvet

Route de Cossonay 26
1008 Prilly
Tel.: 021 626 39 33

Out-of-hours doctors service centre

Tel: 0848 133 133

Opening hours

Mon 07:30-12:00 13:00-16:45 (CB)
Tue 07:30-12:00 12:30-16:00 (CB)
Wed 07:30-12:00 13:00-17:00 (CB)
Thu 07:30-12:00 13:00-17:00 (CB/DJ)
Fri 07:30-12:00 12:30-16:00 (DJ)

CB: Dr Büchler - DJ: Dr Juvet

Our secretary also speaks Portuguese.


  • Car park Pré-Bournoud

  • Bus Arrêt Prilly-Centre

  • Regional train LEB - Arrêt Union Prilly